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Sprinters - S/T L.P

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Sprinters is the brain-child of Manchester based songwriter Neil Jarvis. Originally hailing from Wigan, Jarvis has been releasing music under his own name since 2012 and is a regular fixture on the Manchester music scene. After years spent playing solo, he slowly started to recruit a backing band for live shows before settling with a permanent band and forming Sprinters in late 2015. These are Jarvis himself, Jon Hodson (bass), Mark Stevenson (drums) and Jason Hughes (guitar). Over the past two years, Sprinters have forged a reputation as one of the most thrilling live acts in the city, and have played support slots for high profile acts such as The Monochrome Set, Chastity Belt, Holy Wave and La Luz, as well as shows all over the UK under their own steam. In 2015 they released their debut single on Blak Hand Records which received critical acclaim from the likes of The Skinny, who described the single as possessing 'the sort of hazy, warm pared down cookery of Real Estate'.

'Sprinters' is the band's first studio effort, and was recorded (mostly) live in Wigan throughout 2016 with friend of the band, local engineer Ste Jones. Comprised of a selection of songs from Jarvis's solo albums and new material, the record proved to be a labour of love, taking just under 12 months to piece together. Sprinters have emerged triumphant with a pure departure record, heavy on hooks, melodic and lyrical interplay, and a more clear and honed sound than their previous lo- fi recordings. Jarvis cites some of his major influences for the process as: The Replacements, Pavement, Neil Young, Ariel Pink and The Velvet Underground.

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