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Lady Neptune - Destroys the Moon E.P

Image of Lady Neptune - Destroys the Moon E.P

£4.00 - On Sale

Five tracks of bedroom produced, speaker-tickling, unhinged noise digressions, and layers of fuzz-punk blast are delivered with an ice-cold, laconic air. 'Destroys the Moon' will chime with those hipped to Moe's work with her other bands, Dog Legs & As Ondas, as well as those who had their ears pricked up by her only other previous release, the now long sold out, 'Saves Planet Earth' E.P.

RIYL: Scout Niblett, Bikini Kill, Mooncreatures, Sex Hands, Tape Waves, Dirty Beaches, Bos Angeles, Whoorish boorish, Keel Her

Ships week of February 24th