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Dinner Party - Too Live To Die


Dinner Party are a band, nay a supergroup, comprising the evergreen talents of Edwin Stevens (Irma Vep, Sex Hands, Klaus Kinski, The Birth Marks etc..), Nick Ainsworth (Former Bullies, Secret Admirer, Feel Right) and Tom Settle (Tom Settle and Friends, Former Bullies) - three local heavyweights who are the brains and brawn behind some of Manchester's most exciting breakout bands of recent years

Having all spent the best part of a decade honing their fuzz drenched craft at sweaty basement shows, the trio have clawed their way out of the Manchester bubble with an LP that packs deep sonic and melodic punches. Recorded straight to tape, Too Live To Die is eighteen tracks of fist pumping garage jams, soulful doo-wop-drenched laments, and the kind of glacial guitar improvisations that would have fit in perfectly on Ry Cooder's Paris Texas soundtrack. It's an assured album armed to the hilt with future neo-psych & garage hits, and one which sweeps you along under the steam of it's momentum and vibrancy. All this is artfully exemplified by the first track to be taken from the LP, Kiss Won't Work. Tune in and let a stream of inventive virtuoso performances and heavy cascading melodies wash over.

Singer Nick Ainsworth says - "Dinner Party is a gathering of promises. You can call them and may know them by their pet names: Thomas Settle; Nick Ainsworth & Edwin Stevens.

The sound you first hear upon listening may seem familiar, like yesterday, like walking down memory lane. But listen closer, I hope more will be revealed to you.
Something about hurt. Something about love. Something about freedom.
'Too Live To Die' is the result of a number of live recordings made by the band in 2016, much of its content was conceived and committed simultaneously."

Fans of their previous release, debut LP Swinging, will not be disappointed. New listeners will find a new favourite to cling to over the winter months ahead.

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